Sculpted Paint

I paint in oil on canvas, paper and panel with sizes varying from small 8x8" squares to large works on canvas. The paintings are textured with paint generously applied, using a multitude of tools, brushes and expressive gestures during the painting process. 

See below a very small selection of works available to buy.

Larger works are also available and new works are always on my easel. Please simply get in touch.


You also find my floral works at the brilliant Brian Sinfield Gallery in Burford OX18 4RE and with the Lucinda Dalton Gallery.

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Collection: New Work

I am trying to keep this section up to date with my latest works fresh from the easel, still smelling of sumptuous oil paint.

Please get in touch and give me a nudge if you notice that I have been sluggish in uploading new work. "I am painting" is always my excuse...

New Work
  • Small Studies in Oil

    Smaller works, compositional sketches and colour studies

    View here 
  • Large Oil Paintings on Canvas

    Small selection of larger works on canvas. Please get in touch for all available works.

    View here 
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